Outsider has established ASSA Communication (assacomz), an integrated entertainment brand that incorporates the functions of an agency, concert management, and education initiatives. The official website of the company (http://www.assacomz.com) will open on May 13 and the previously unannounced exclusive television channel ‘ASSA TV’ will air. 

ASSA Communication’s official website will be the first responsive website constructed in Korea’s entertainment world. The exclusive channel ASSA TV will broadcast a wide variety of content, including off-screen performance of the company’s entertainers, ASSA Communication’s training sessions, production stories, behind-the-scene videos of album productions, etc. 

Through a merger with the concert management team of Blockbuster Record, an independent label established in 2006, ASSA Communication plans to invest in making Korea’s entertainment culture better and different from established models. The team has previously produced many shows in Korea and abroad, including ‘Bolshoi on Ice’. With much ambition, the company vows to lead a new trend in Korea’s entertainment industry. 

ASSA Communication is looking to build a systematic network of organizations related to culture and the arts. Through the dynamic integration of pop culture and the fundamental and historical value of traditional culture, the company plans to produce new and varied cultural contents, aiming to maximize the impact of culture and the arts. In order to bring changes to Korea’s increasingly homogeneous pop music industry, the company plans to scout new talents like Outsider, who are not just idols but are also blessed with the talents of real musicians. 

In addition, the company has put together a team of producers called “Class S” with 33 songwriters, who have experience writing in a wide variety of genres and remain active in the domestic and international market. Entertainers including TIP, Last for One, and Gambler have also signed with ASSA Communication. The company will be managing top B-Boy teams, including Animation Crew, which has won critical claim with its exceptional performance on Korea’s Got Talent. The company is also preparing to break into the international market with integrated and varied music and performance that have never been attempted before. This big project will be unveiled step by step as Outsider prepares to be back on stage after a 3-year break while the company continues to sign with new talents. 

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